A special property description type intended for use with a fetch request.


class NSExpressionDescription : NSPropertyDescription


An NSExpressionDescription describes a column to be returned from a fetch that may not appear directly as an attribute or relationship on an entity. Examples might include upper(attribute) or max(attribute). You cannot set an NSExpressionDescription object as a property of an entity.


Getting Information About an Expression Description

var expression: NSExpression?

The expression for the receiver.


Conforms To

See Also

Specifying Fetch Constraints

var predicate: NSPredicate?

The predicate of the fetch request.

var fetchLimit: Int

The fetch limit of the fetch request.

var fetchOffset: Int

The fetch offset of the fetch request.

var fetchBatchSize: Int

The batch size of the objects specified in the fetch request.

var affectedStores: [NSPersistentStore]?

An array of persistent stores specified for the fetch request.

class NSFetchRequestExpression

An expression that evaluates the result of a fetch request on a managed object context.

class NSFetchedPropertyDescription

A description object used to define which properties are fetched from Core Data.