Instance Property


The fetch limit of the fetch request.


var fetchLimit: Int { get set }


The fetch limit specifies the maximum number of objects that a request should return when executed.

If you set a fetch limit, the framework makes a best effort to improve efficiency, but does not guarantee it. For every object store except the SQL store, a fetch request executed with a fetch limit in effect simply performs an unlimited fetch and throws away the unasked for rows.

See Also

Specifying Fetch Constraints

var predicate: NSPredicate?

The predicate of the fetch request.

var fetchOffset: Int

The fetch offset of the fetch request.

var fetchBatchSize: Int

The batch size of the objects specified in the fetch request.

var affectedStores: [NSPersistentStore]?

An array of persistent stores specified for the fetch request.

class NSFetchRequestExpression

An expression that evaluates the result of a fetch request on a managed object context.

class NSExpressionDescription

A special property description type intended for use with a fetch request.

class NSFetchedPropertyDescription

A description object used to define which properties are fetched from Core Data.