Instance Property


The predicate of the fetch request.


var predicate: NSPredicate? { get set }


The predicate instance constrains the selection of objects the NSFetchRequest instance is to fetch.

If the predicate is empty—for example, if it is an AND predicate whose array of elements contains no predicates—the request has its predicate set to nil. For more about predicates, see Predicate Programming Guide.

See Also

Specifying Fetch Constraints

var fetchLimit: Int

The fetch limit of the fetch request.

var fetchOffset: Int

The fetch offset of the fetch request.

var fetchBatchSize: Int

The batch size of the objects specified in the fetch request.

var affectedStores: [NSPersistentStore]?

An array of persistent stores specified for the fetch request.

class NSFetchRequestExpression

An expression that evaluates the result of a fetch request on a managed object context.

class NSExpressionDescription

A special property description type intended for use with a fetch request.

class NSFetchedPropertyDescription

A description object used to define which properties are fetched from Core Data.