Instance Property


The fetch offset of the fetch request.


var fetchOffset: Int { get set }


The default value is 0.

This setting allows you to specify an offset at which rows will begin being returned. Effectively, the request skips the specified number of matching entries. For example, given a fetch that typically returns a, b, c, d, specifying an offset of 1 will return b, c, d, and an offset of 4 will return an empty array. Offsets are ignored in nested requests such as subqueries.

This property can be used to restrict the working set of data. In combination with fetchLimit, you can create a subrange of an arbitrary result set.

See Also

Specifying Fetch Constraints

var predicate: NSPredicate?

The predicate of the fetch request.

var fetchLimit: Int

The fetch limit of the fetch request.

var fetchBatchSize: Int

The batch size of the objects specified in the fetch request.

var affectedStores: [NSPersistentStore]?

An array of persistent stores specified for the fetch request.

class NSFetchRequestExpression

An expression that evaluates the result of a fetch request on a managed object context.

class NSExpressionDescription

A special property description type intended for use with a fetch request.

class NSFetchedPropertyDescription

A description object used to define which properties are fetched from Core Data.