Instance Method


Returns a new object ID that uses given data as the key.


- (NSManagedObjectID *)newObjectIDForEntity:(NSEntityDescription *)entity referenceObject:(id)data;



The entity for the new object ID.


An object of type NSString or NSNumber to use as the key.

Return Value

A new object ID for an instance of the entity specified by entity and that uses data as the key.


You should not override this method.

See Also

Manipulating Managed Objects

- executeRequest:withContext:error:

Returns a value as appropriate for the given request, or nil if the request cannot be completed.

- newValuesForObjectWithID:withContext:error:

Returns an incremental store node encapsulating the persistent external values of the object with a given object ID.

- newValueForRelationship:forObjectWithID:withContext:error:

Returns the relationship for the given relationship of the object with a given object ID.

- obtainPermanentIDsForObjects:error:

Returns an array containing the object IDs for a given array of newly-inserted objects.

- referenceObjectForObjectID:

Returns the reference data used to construct a given object ID.