Instance Method


Loads the metadata for the store.


- (BOOL)loadMetadata:(NSError * _Nullable *)error;



If an error occurs, on return contains an NSError object that describes the problem.

Return Value

YES if the metadata was correctly loaded, otherwise NO.


In your implementation of this method, you must validate that the URL used to create the store is usable (the location exists and if necessary is writable, the schema is compatible, and so on) and return an error if there is an issue.

Any subclass of NSIncrementalStore which is file-based must be able to handle being initialized with a URL pointing to a zero-length file. This serves as an indicator that a new store is to be constructed at the specified location and allows applications using the store to securely create reservation files in known locations.

See Also

Accessing Metadata

+ identifierForNewStoreAtURL:

Returns the identifier for the store at a given URL.