A concrete class used to represent basic nodes in a Core Data incremental store.


class NSIncrementalStoreNode : NSObject


A node represents a single record in a persistent store.

You can subclass NSIncrementalStoreNode to provide custom behavior.


Initializing a Node

init(objectID: NSManagedObjectID, withValues: [String : Any], version: UInt64)

Returns an object initialized with the given values.

Managing Node Data

var objectID: NSManagedObjectID

The object ID that identifies the data stored by the receiver.

func update(withValues: [String : Any], version: UInt64)

Update the values and version to reflect new data being saved to or loaded from the external store.

func value(for: NSPropertyDescription) -> Any?

Returns the value for the given property.

var version: UInt64

The version of data in the receiver.


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Store Coordination

class NSPersistentStoreCoordinator

A coordinator that uses the model to help contexts and persistent stores communicate.

class NSPersistentStore

The abstract base class for all Core Data persistent stores.

class NSPersistentStoreDescription

A description object used to create and load a persistent store.

class NSPersistentStoreRequest

Criteria used to retrieve data from or save data to a persistent store.

class NSPersistentStoreResult

The abstract base class for results returned from a persistent store coordinator.

class NSPersistentStoreAsynchronousResult

A concrete class used to represent the results of an asynchronous request.

class NSSaveChangesRequest

An encapsulation of a collection of changes to be made by an object store in response to a save operation on a managed object context.

class NSAtomicStore

An abstract superclass that you subclass to create a Core Data atomic store.

class NSAtomicStoreCacheNode

A concrete class that you use to represent basic nodes in a Core Data atomic store.

class NSIncrementalStore

An abstract superclass defining the API through which Core Data communicates with a store.