Instance Method


Determines whether the managed object's current state is valid.


- (BOOL)validateForUpdate:(NSError * _Nullable *)error;



If the receiver's current state is invalid, upon return contains an instance of NSError that describes the problem.

Return Value

YES if the receiver's current state is valid, otherwise NO.


NSManagedObject’s implementation iterates through all of the receiver’s properties validating each in turn. If this results in more than one error, the userInfo dictionary in the NSError returned in error contains a key NSDetailedErrorsKey; the corresponding value is an array containing the individual validation errors. If you pass NULL as the error, validation will abort after the first failure.

See Also

Managing Data Validation

- validateValue:forKey:error:

Validates a property value for a given key.

- validateForDelete:

Determines whether the managed object can be deleted in its current state.

- validateForInsert:

Determines whether the managed object can be inserted in its current state.

Validation Error Codes

Error codes related to validation of managed object properties.


The error key for the attribute that failed to validate.


The error key for the object that failed to validate.


The error key for the predicate that failed to validate.


The error key for the value that failed to validate.

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