Instance Method


Merges the changes specified in a given notification.


func mergeChanges(fromContextDidSave notification: Notification)



An instance of an NSManagedObjectContextDidSave notification posted by another context.


This method refreshes any objects which have been updated in the other context, faults in any newly-inserted objects, and invokes delete(_:): on those which have been deleted.

You can pass a NSManagedObjectContextDidSave notification posted by a managed object context on another thread, however you must not use the managed objects in the user info dictionary directly. For more details, see Concurrency with Core Data.

See Also

Managing Concurrency

var automaticallyMergesChangesFromParent: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the context automatically merges changes saved to its persistent store coordinator or parent context.

var queryGenerationToken: NSQueryGenerationToken?

Returns the token associated with the query generation currently in use by this context.

var mergePolicy: Any

The merge policy of the context.

var transactionAuthor: String?

The author for the context that is used as an identifier in persistent history transactions.

func setQueryGenerationFrom(NSQueryGenerationToken?)

Sets the query generation this context should use.

enum NSManagedObjectContextConcurrencyType

Constants to indicate the concurrency pattern with which a context will be used.

let NSManagedObjectContextQueryGenerationKey: String

Constant used to reference the query generation token.