Instance Property


The persistent store coordinator of the context.


@property(strong) NSPersistentStoreCoordinator *persistentStoreCoordinator;

Return Value

The persistent store coordinator of the receiver.


The coordinator provides the managed object model and handles persistency. Note that multiple contexts can share a coordinator. May not be nil.

Setting persistentStoreCoordinator to nil will raise an exception. If you want to “disconnect" a context from its persistent store coordinator, you should simply set all strong references to the context to nil and allow it to be deallocated normally.

For more details, see Parent Store.

See Also

Configuring a Context

- initWithConcurrencyType:

Initializes a context with a given concurrency type.


The parent of the context.


The developer-provided name of the context.


The user information for the context.

- initDeprecated
+ newDeprecated

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