Global Variable


A notification of changes made to managed objects associated with this context.


NSString *const NSManagedObjectContextObjectsDidChangeNotification;


The notification is posted during processPendingChanges, after the changes have been processed, but before it is safe to call save: again (if you try, you will generate an infinite loop).

The notification object is the managed object context. The userInfo

dictionary contains the following keys: NSInsertedObjectsKey, NSUpdatedObjectsKey, and NSDeletedObjectsKey.

Note that this notification is posted only when managed objects are changed; it is not posted when managed objects are added to a context as the result of a fetch.

See Also

Managing Notifications


A notification that the context completed a save.


A notification that the context is about to save.


A key for the set of objects that were inserted into the context.


A key for the set of objects that were updated.


A key for the set of objects that were marked for deletion during the previous event.


A key for the set of objects that were refreshed but were not dirtied in the scope of this context.


A key for the set of objects that were invalidated.


A key that specifies that all objects in the context have been invalidated.

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