Instance Method


Causes the persistent container to execute the block against a new private queue context.


func performBackgroundTask(_ block: @escaping (NSManagedObjectContext) -> Void)



A block that is executed by the persistent container against a newly created private context. The private context is passed into the block as part of the execution of the block.


Each time this method is invoked, the persistent container creates a new NSManagedObjectContext with the concurrencyType set to NSManagedObjectContextConcurrencyType.privateQueueConcurrencyType. The persistent container then executes the passed in block against that newly created context on the context’s private queue.

See Also

Accessing the Context(s)

func newBackgroundContext() -> NSManagedObjectContext

Creates a private managed object context.

var viewContext: NSManagedObjectContext

The managed object context associated with the main queue. (read-only)