Instance Property


The persistent store coordinator associated with this persistent container. (read-only)


var persistentStoreCoordinator: NSPersistentStoreCoordinator { get }


When the persistent container is initialized, it creates a persistent store coordinator as part of that initialization. That persistent store coordinator is referenced in this property.

See Also

Configuring a Container

var persistentStoreDescriptions: [NSPersistentStoreDescription]

The persistent store descriptions used to create the persistent stores referenced by this persistent container.

func loadPersistentStores(completionHandler: (NSPersistentStoreDescription, Error?) -> Void)

Instructs the persistent container to load the persistent stores.

var managedObjectModel: NSManagedObjectModel

The model associated with this persistent container. (read-only)

var name: String

The name of this persistent container. (read-only)