Instance Method


Sets the URL for a given persistent store.


func setURL(_ url: URL, for store: NSPersistentStore) -> Bool



The new location for store.


A persistent store associated with the receiver.

Return Value

true if the store was relocated, otherwise false.


For atomic stores, this method alters the location to which the next save operation will write the file; for non-atomic stores, invoking this method will relinquish the existing connection and create a new one at the specified URL. (For non-atomic stores, a store must already exist at the destination URL; a new store will not be created.)

See Also

Configuring Persistent Stores

func addPersistentStore(ofType: String, configurationName: String?, at: URL?, options: [AnyHashable : Any]?) -> NSPersistentStore

Adds a new persistent store of a specified type at a given location, and returns the new store.

func remove(NSPersistentStore)

Removes a given persistent store.

func destroyPersistentStore(at: URL, ofType: String, options: [AnyHashable : Any]?)

Deletes (or truncates) the target persistent store in accordance with the store class' requirements.

var persistentStores: [NSPersistentStore]

The persistent stores associated with the coordinator.

func persistentStore(for: URL) -> NSPersistentStore?

Returns the persistent store for the specified URL.

func url(for: NSPersistentStore) -> URL

Returns the URL for a given persistent store.

var name: String?

Name of the coordinator.

Store Options

Use options dictionary keys to specify store behavior and characteristics.