User Info Keys for Store Change Notifications

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let NSAddedPersistentStoresKey: String

Key for the array of stores that were added.

let NSRemovedPersistentStoresKey: String

Key for the array of stores that were removed.

let NSUUIDChangedPersistentStoresKey: String

Key for an array containing the old and new stores.

let NSPersistentStoreUbiquitousTransitionTypeKey: String

In the NSPersistentStoreCoordinatorStoresWillChange and NSPersistentStoreCoordinatorStoresDidChange userInfo dictionaries, this identifies the type of event. The corresponding value is one of the NSPersistentStoreUbiquitousTransitionType enum values as an NSNumber object.

let NSPersistentStoreSaveConflictsErrorKey: String

The key for the array of merge conflict objects (instances of NSMergeConflict).

See Also

Adding, Removing, and Deleting Stores

static let NSPersistentStoreCoordinatorStoresDidChange: NSNotification.Name

Posted whenever persistent stores are added to or removed from a persistent store coordinator, or when store UUIDs change.

static let NSPersistentStoreCoordinatorStoresWillChange: NSNotification.Name

Posted before the list of open persistent stores changes.

static let NSPersistentStoreCoordinatorWillRemoveStore: NSNotification.Name

Posted whenever a persistent store is removed from a persistent store coordinator.