Instance Method


Allows you to set pragmas for the SQLite store.


func setValue(_ value: NSObject?, forPragmaNamed name: String)



The value of the pragma to be set.


The name of the pragma to be set.


Pragma options are for SQLite stores only. All pragma values must be specified as NSStringobjects. The fullfsync and synchronous pragmas control the tradeoff between write performance (write to disk speed and cache utilization) and durability (data loss/corruption sensitivity to power interruption). For more information on pragma settings, see

See Also

Configuring a Persistent Store Description

var url: URL?

The URL that the store will use for its location.

var configuration: String?

The name of the configuration used by this store.

var timeout: TimeInterval

The connection timeout for the associated store.

var type: String

The type of store this description represents.

var isReadOnly: Bool

A flag that indicates whether this store will be read-only.

var shouldAddStoreAsynchronously: Bool

A flag that determines whether the store is added asynchronously.

var shouldInferMappingModelAutomatically: Bool

A flag indicating whether a mapping model should be created automatically.

var shouldMigrateStoreAutomatically: Bool

A flag indicating whether the associated persistent store should be migrated automatically.

func setOption(NSObject?, forKey: String)

Sets an option on the store.