Sorts the values in an array using a given comparison function.


func CFArraySortValues(_ theArray: CFMutableArray!, _ range: CFRange, _ comparator: CFComparatorFunction!, _ context: UnsafeMutableRawPointer!)



The array whose values are sorted.


The range of values within theArray to sort. The range location or end point (defined by the location plus length minus 1) must not lie outside the index space of theArray (0 to N-1 inclusive, where N is the count of theArray). The range length must not be negative. The range may be empty (length 0).


The function with the comparator function type signature that is used in the sort operation to compare the values in theArray. If this parameter is not a pointer to a function of the correct prototype, the behavior is undefined. If there are values in theArray that the comparator function does not expect or cannot properly compare, the behavior is undefined. The values in the range are sorted from least to greatest according to this function.


A pointer-sized program-defined value, which is passed as the third parameter to the comparator function, but is otherwise unused by this function. If the context is not what is expected by the comparator function, the behavior is undefined.

See Also

CFMutableArray Miscellaneous Functions

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Adds the values from one array to another array.

func CFArrayAppendValue(CFMutableArray!, UnsafeRawPointer!)

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func CFArrayCreateMutableCopy(CFAllocator!, CFIndex, CFArray!) -> CFMutableArray!

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func CFArrayExchangeValuesAtIndices(CFMutableArray!, CFIndex, CFIndex)

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func CFArrayRemoveAllValues(CFMutableArray!)

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func CFArrayRemoveValueAtIndex(CFMutableArray!, CFIndex)

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