Replaces a range of values in an array.


void CFArrayReplaceValues(CFMutableArrayRef theArray, CFRange range, const void **newValues, CFIndex newCount);



The array in which some values are to be replaced. If this parameter is not a valid CFMutableArray object, the behavior is undefined.


The range of values within theArray to replace. The range location or end point (defined by the location plus length minus 1) must not lie outside the index space of theArray (0 to N-1 inclusive, where N is the count of theArray). The range length must not be negative. The range may be empty (length 0), in which case the new values are merely inserted at the range location.


A C array of the pointer-sized values to be placed into theArray. The new values in theArray are ordered in the same order in which they appear in this C array. This parameter may be NULL if the newCount parameter is 0. This C array is not changed or freed by this function. If this parameter is not a valid pointer to a C array of at least newCount pointers, the behavior is undefined.


The number of values to copy from the newValues C array into theArray. If this parameter is different from the range length, the excess newCount values are inserted after the range or the excess range values are deleted. This parameter may be 0, in which case no new values are replaced into theArray and the values in the range are simply removed. If this parameter is negative or greater than the number of values actually in the newValues C array, the behavior is undefined.

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