Adds the values from one array to another array.


func CFArrayAppendArray(_ theArray: CFMutableArray!, _ otherArray: CFArray!, _ otherRange: CFRange)



The array to which values from otherArray are added. If theArray is a limited-capacity array, adding otherRange.length values from otherArray must not cause the capacity limit of theArray to be exceeded.


An array providing the values to be added to theArray.


The range within otherArray from which to add the values to theArray. The range must not exceed the index space of otherArray.


The new values are retained by theArray using the retain callback provided when theArray was created. If the values are not of the type expected by the retain callback, the behavior is undefined. The values are assigned to the indices one larger than the previous largest index in theArray, and beyond, and the count of theArray is increased by otherRange.length. The values are assigned new indices in theArray from smallest to largest index in the order in which they appear in otherArray.

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