Returns the number of fraction digits that should be displayed, and the rounding increment, for a given currency.


func CFNumberFormatterGetDecimalInfoForCurrencyCode(_ currencyCode: CFString!, _ defaultFractionDigits: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int32>!, _ roundingIncrement: UnsafeMutablePointer<Double>!) -> Bool



A string containing a ISO 4217 3-letter currency code. For example, AUD for Australian Dollars, EUR for Euros.


Upon return, contains the number of fraction digits that should be displayed for the currency specified by currencyCode.


Upon return, contains the rounding increment for the currency specified by currencyCode, or 0.0 if no rounding is done by the currency.

Return Value

true if the information was obtained successfully, otherwise false (for example, if the currency code is unknown or the information is not available).


The returned values are not localized because these are properties of the currency.

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