Returns the native Mach port represented by a CFMachPort object.


func CFMachPortGetPort(_ port: CFMachPort!) -> mach_port_t



The CFMachPort object to examine.

Return Value

The native Mach port represented by port.

See Also

Examining a CFMachPort Object

func CFMachPortGetContext(CFMachPort!, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFMachPortContext>!)

Returns the context information for a CFMachPort object.

func CFMachPortGetInvalidationCallBack(CFMachPort!) -> CFMachPortInvalidationCallBack!

Returns the invalidation callback function for a CFMachPort object.

func CFMachPortIsValid(CFMachPort!) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a CFMachPort object is valid and able to receive messages.

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