Returns the next sibling, adjacent to a given tree, in the parent's children list.


func CFTreeGetNextSibling(_ tree: CFTree!) -> CFTree!



The tree to examine.

Return Value

The next sibling, adjacent to tree. Ownership follows the The Get Rule.

See Also

Examining a Tree

func CFTreeFindRoot(CFTree!) -> CFTree!

Returns the root tree of a given tree.

func CFTreeGetChildAtIndex(CFTree!, CFIndex) -> CFTree!

Returns the child of a tree at the specified index.

func CFTreeGetChildCount(CFTree!) -> CFIndex

Returns the number of children in a tree.

func CFTreeGetFirstChild(CFTree!) -> CFTree!

Returns the first child of a tree.

func CFTreeGetParent(CFTree!) -> CFTree!

Returns the parent of a given tree.