Replaces the context of a tree by releasing the old information pointer and retaining the new one.


func CFTreeSetContext(_ tree: CFTree!, _ context: UnsafePointer<CFTreeContext>!)



The tree to modify.


The CFTreeContext structure to be copied and used as the context of the new tree. The information pointer will be retained by the tree if a retain function is provided. If this value is not a valid C pointer to a CFTreeContext structure-sized block of storage, the result is undefined. If the version number of the storage is not a valid CFTreeContext version number, the result is undefined.

See Also

Modifying a Tree

func CFTreeAppendChild(CFTree!, CFTree!)

Adds a new child to a tree as the last in its list of children.

func CFTreeInsertSibling(CFTree!, CFTree!)

Inserts a new sibling after a given tree.

func CFTreeRemoveAllChildren(CFTree!)

Removes all the children of a tree.

func CFTreePrependChild(CFTree!, CFTree!)

Adds a new child to the specified tree as the first in its list of children.

func CFTreeRemove(CFTree!)

Removes a tree from its parent.