Returns the child of a tree at the specified index.


func CFTreeGetChildAtIndex(_ tree: CFTree!, _ idx: CFIndex) -> CFTree!



The tree to examine.


The index of the child obtain. The value must be less than the number of children in tree.

Return Value

The child tree at idx. Ownership follows the The Get Rule.

See Also

Examining a Tree

func CFTreeFindRoot(CFTree!) -> CFTree!

Returns the root tree of a given tree.

func CFTreeGetChildCount(CFTree!) -> CFIndex

Returns the number of children in a tree.

func CFTreeGetFirstChild(CFTree!) -> CFTree!

Returns the first child of a tree.

func CFTreeGetNextSibling(CFTree!) -> CFTree!

Returns the next sibling, adjacent to a given tree, in the parent's children list.

func CFTreeGetParent(CFTree!) -> CFTree!

Returns the parent of a given tree.