Fills a buffer with values from a bag.


func CFBagGetValues(_ theBag: CFBag!, _ values: UnsafeMutablePointer<UnsafeRawPointer?>!)



The bag to examine.


A C array of pointer-sized values to be filled with values from theBag. The value must be a valid C array of the appropriate type and size (that is, a size equal to the count of theBag).

See Also

Examining a Bag

func CFBagContainsValue(CFBag!, UnsafeRawPointer!) -> Bool

Reports whether or not a value is in a bag.

func CFBagGetCount(CFBag!) -> CFIndex

Returns the number of values currently in a bag.

func CFBagGetCountOfValue(CFBag!, UnsafeRawPointer!) -> CFIndex

Returns the number of times a value occurs in a bag.

func CFBagGetValueIfPresent(CFBag!, UnsafeRawPointer!, UnsafeMutablePointer<UnsafeRawPointer?>!) -> Bool

Reports whether or not a value is in a bag, and returns that value indirectly if it exists.

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