Registers a type and its corresponding factory function with a CFPlugIn object.


func CFPlugInRegisterPlugInType(_ factoryUUID: CFUUID!, _ typeUUID: CFUUID!) -> Bool



The CFUUID object representing the factory function that can create the type being registered.


The UUID type to register.

Return Value

true if the factory function was successfully registered, otherwise false.


This function is used by a plug-in or host when performing dynamic registration.

See Also


func CFPlugInRegisterFactoryFunction(CFUUID!, CFPlugInFactoryFunction!) -> Bool

Registers a factory function and its UUID with a CFPlugIn object.

func CFPlugInRegisterFactoryFunctionByName(CFUUID!, CFPlugIn!, CFString!) -> Bool

Registers a factory function with a CFPlugIn object using the function's name instead of its UUID.

func CFPlugInUnregisterFactory(CFUUID!) -> Bool

Removes the given function from a plug-in’s list of registered factory functions.

func CFPlugInUnregisterPlugInType(CFUUID!, CFUUID!) -> Bool

Removes the given type from a plug-in’s list of registered types.

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