Returns the user info dictionary for a given CFError.


func CFErrorCopyUserInfo(_ err: CFError!) -> CFDictionary!



The error to examine. If this is not a valid CFError, the behavior is undefined.

Return Value

A dictionary containing the same keys and values as in the userInfo dictionary err was created with. Returns an empty dictionary if NULL was supplied to the create function. Ownership follows the The Create Rule.

See Also

Getting Information About an Error

func CFErrorGetDomain(CFError!) -> CFErrorDomain!

Returns the error domain for a given CFError.

func CFErrorGetCode(CFError!) -> CFIndex

Returns the error code for a given CFError.

func CFErrorCopyDescription(CFError!) -> CFString!

Returns a human-presentable description for a given error.

func CFErrorCopyFailureReason(CFError!) -> CFString!

Returns a human-presentable failure reason for a given error.

func CFErrorCopyRecoverySuggestion(CFError!) -> CFString!

Returns a human presentable recovery suggestion for a given error.