Returns the error domain for a given CFError.


func CFErrorGetDomain(_ err: CFError!) -> CFErrorDomain!



The error to examine. If this is not a valid CFError, the behavior is undefined.

Return Value

The error domain for err. Ownership follows the The Get Rule.

See Also

Getting Information About an Error

func CFErrorGetCode(CFError!) -> CFIndex

Returns the error code for a given CFError.

func CFErrorCopyUserInfo(CFError!) -> CFDictionary!

Returns the user info dictionary for a given CFError.

func CFErrorCopyDescription(CFError!) -> CFString!

Returns a human-presentable description for a given error.

func CFErrorCopyFailureReason(CFError!) -> CFString!

Returns a human-presentable failure reason for a given error.

func CFErrorCopyRecoverySuggestion(CFError!) -> CFString!

Returns a human presentable recovery suggestion for a given error.