Writes to permanent storage all pending changes to the preference data for the application, and reads the latest preference data from permanent storage.


func CFPreferencesAppSynchronize(_ applicationID: CFString) -> Bool



The ID of the application whose preferences to write to storage, typically kCFPreferencesCurrentApplication. Do not pass NULL or kCFPreferencesAnyApplication. Takes the form of a Java package name, com.foosoft.

Return Value

true if synchronization was successful, otherwise false.


Calling the function CFPreferencesSetAppValue(_:_:_:) is not in itself sufficient for storing preferences. The CFPreferencesAppSynchronize(_:) function writes to permanent storage all pending preference changes for the application. Typically you would call this function after multiple calls to CFPreferencesSetAppValue(_:_:_:). Conversely, preference data is cached after it is first read. Changes made externally are not automatically incorporated. The CFPreferencesAppSynchronize(_:) function reads the latest preferences from permanent storage.

See Also

Synchronizing Preferences

func CFPreferencesSynchronize(CFString, CFString, CFString) -> Bool

For the specified domain, writes all pending changes to preference data to permanent storage, and reads latest preference data from permanent storage.