Convenience function that directly obtains a Boolean preference value for the specified key.


func CFPreferencesGetAppBooleanValue(_ key: CFString, _ applicationID: CFString, _ keyExistsAndHasValidFormat: UnsafeMutablePointer<DarwinBoolean>?) -> Bool



The preference key whose value to obtain. The key must specify a preference whose value is of type Boolean.


The identifier of the application whose preferences are searched, typically kCFPreferencesCurrentApplication. Do not pass NULL or kCFPreferencesAnyApplication. Takes the form of a Java package name, such as com.foosoft.


On return, true if the preference value for the specified key was located and found to be of type Boolean, otherwise false.

Return Value

The preference data for the specified key and application, or if no value was located, false.

See Also

Getting Preference Values

func CFPreferencesCopyAppValue(CFString, CFString) -> CFPropertyList?

Obtains a preference value for the specified key and application.

func CFPreferencesCopyKeyList(CFString, CFString, CFString) -> CFArray?

Constructs and returns the list of all keys set in the specified domain.

func CFPreferencesCopyMultiple(CFArray?, CFString, CFString, CFString) -> CFDictionary

Returns a dictionary containing preference values for multiple keys.

func CFPreferencesGetAppIntegerValue(CFString, CFString, UnsafeMutablePointer<DarwinBoolean>?) -> CFIndex

Convenience function that directly obtains an integer preference value for the specified key.

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