Determines whether or not a given key has been imposed on the user.


func CFPreferencesAppValueIsForced(_ key: CFString, _ applicationID: CFString) -> Bool



The key you are querying.


The application’s ID, typically kCFPreferencesCurrentApplication. Do not pass NULL or kCFPreferencesAnyApplication. Takes the form of a Java package name, com.foosoft.

Return Value

true if value of the key cannot be changed by the user, otherwise false.


In cases where machines and/or users are under some kind of management, you should use this function to determine whether or not to disable UI elements corresponding to those preference keys.

See Also

Miscellaneous Functions

func CFPreferencesCopyApplicationList(CFString, CFString) -> CFArray?

Constructs and returns the list of all applications that have preferences in the scope of the specified user and host.


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