Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a given value for a given key is in a dictionary, and returns that value indirectly if it exists.


Boolean CFDictionaryGetValueIfPresent(CFDictionaryRef theDict, const void *key, const void **value);



The dictionary to examine.


The key for which to find a match in theDict. The key hash and equal callbacks provided when the dictionary was created are used to compare. If the hash callback was NULL, key is treated as a pointer and converted to an integer. If the equal callback was NULL, pointer equality (in C, ==) is used. If key, or any of the keys in theDict, is not understood by the equal callback, the behavior is undefined.


A pointer to memory which, on return, is filled with the pointer-sized value if a matching key is found. If no key match is found, the contents of the storage pointed to by this parameter are undefined. This value may be NULL, in which case the value from the dictionary is not returned (but the return value of this function still indicates whether or not the key-value pair was present). If the value is a Core Foundation object, ownership follows the The Get Rule.

Return Value

true if a matching key was found, otherwise false.

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