Replaces a value in a CFMutableSet object.


func CFSetReplaceValue(_ theSet: CFMutableSet!, _ value: UnsafeRawPointer!)



The set to modify.


The value to replace in theSet. If this value does not already exist in theSet, the function does nothing. You may pass the value itself instead of a pointer if it is pointer-size or less. The equal callback provided when theSet was created is used to compare. If the equal callback was NULL, pointer equality (in C, ==) is used. If value, or any other value in theSet, is not understood by the equal callback, the behavior is undefined.

See Also

CFMutableSet Miscellaneous Functions

func CFSetAddValue(CFMutableSet!, UnsafeRawPointer!)

Adds a value to a CFMutableSet object.

func CFSetCreateMutableCopy(CFAllocator!, CFIndex, CFSet!) -> CFMutableSet!

Creates a new mutable set with the values from another set.

func CFSetRemoveAllValues(CFMutableSet!)

Removes all values from a CFMutableSet object.

func CFSetRemoveValue(CFMutableSet!, UnsafeRawPointer!)

Removes a value from a CFMutableSet object.

func CFSetSetValue(CFMutableSet!, UnsafeRawPointer!)

Sets a value in a CFMutableSet object.