Obtains all values in a set.


func CFSetGetValues(_ theSet: CFSet!, _ values: UnsafeMutablePointer<UnsafeRawPointer?>!)



The set to examine.


A C array of pointer-sized values to be filled with values from theSet. The value must be a valid C array of the appropriate type and of a size at least equal to the count of theSet). If the values are Core Foundation objects, ownership follows the The Create Rule.

See Also

Examining a Set

func CFSetContainsValue(CFSet!, UnsafeRawPointer!) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean that indicates whether a set contains a given value.

func CFSetGetCount(CFSet!) -> CFIndex

Returns the number of values currently in a set.

func CFSetGetCountOfValue(CFSet!, UnsafeRawPointer!) -> CFIndex

Returns the number of values in a set that match a given value.

func CFSetGetValueIfPresent(CFSet!, UnsafeRawPointer!, UnsafeMutablePointer<UnsafeRawPointer?>!) -> Bool

Reports whether or not a value is in a set, and if it exists returns the value indirectly.