Displays a user notification dialog that does not need a user response.


func CFUserNotificationDisplayNotice(_ timeout: CFTimeInterval, _ flags: CFOptionFlags, _ iconURL: CFURL!, _ soundURL: CFURL!, _ localizationURL: CFURL!, _ alertHeader: CFString!, _ alertMessage: CFString!, _ defaultButtonTitle: CFString!) -> Int32



The amount of time to wait for the user to dismiss the notification dialog before the dialog dismisses itself. Pass 0 to have the dialog never time out.


A set of flags describing the type of notification dialog to display. The value is normally just the alert level from Alert Levels. If you don’t want a default button displayed, perform a bitwise-OR operation with the alert level and the constant kCFUserNotificationNoDefaultButtonFlag.


A file URL pointing to the icon to display in the dialog. If NULL, a default icon is used based on the notification’s alert level specified in flags.


Not used.


A file URL pointing to a bundle that contains localized versions of the strings displayed in the dialog. Can be NULL.


The title of the notification dialog. Cannot be NULL.


The message string to display in the dialog. Can be NULL.


The title of the default button. If NULL, the string OK is used.

Return Value

0 if the cancel was successful; a non-0 value otherwise.


This function returns immediately. It does not wait for a user response after displaying the dialog.

See Also

CFUserNotification Miscellaneous Functions

func CFUserNotificationCheckBoxChecked(CFIndex) -> CFOptionFlags

Returns a flag used to set or test a checkbox’s state.

func CFUserNotificationGetResponseDictionary(CFUserNotification!) -> CFDictionary!

Returns the dictionary containing all the text field values from a dismissed notification dialog.

func CFUserNotificationGetResponseValue(CFUserNotification!, CFString!, CFIndex) -> CFString!

Extracts the values of the text fields from a dismissed notification dialog.

func CFUserNotificationGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the type identifier for the CFUserNotification opaque type.

func CFUserNotificationPopUpSelection(CFIndex) -> CFOptionFlags

Returns a flag used to set the selected element of a pop-up menu.

func CFUserNotificationReceiveResponse(CFUserNotification!, CFTimeInterval, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFOptionFlags>!) -> Int32

Waits for the user to respond to a notification or for the notification to time out.

func CFUserNotificationSecureTextField(CFIndex) -> CFOptionFlags

Returns a flag used to set the secure state of a text field.

func CFUserNotificationUpdate(CFUserNotification!, CFTimeInterval, CFOptionFlags, CFDictionary!) -> Int32

Updates a displayed user notification dialog with new user interface information.