Extracts the values of the text fields from a dismissed notification dialog.


func CFUserNotificationGetResponseValue(_ userNotification: CFUserNotification!, _ key: CFString!, _ idx: CFIndex) -> CFString!



The user notification to use.


The dictionary key identifying the text fields to use. Currently, only kCFUserNotificationTextFieldValuesKey is supported.


The index of the text field value to return. The index corresponds to the order in which text fields are listed in the kCFUserNotificationTextFieldTitlesKey array in the user notification’s description dictionary.

Return Value

The value of the text field identified by key and idx. Ownership follows the The Get Rule.

See Also

CFUserNotification Miscellaneous Functions

func CFUserNotificationCheckBoxChecked(CFIndex) -> CFOptionFlags

Returns a flag used to set or test a checkbox’s state.

func CFUserNotificationGetResponseDictionary(CFUserNotification!) -> CFDictionary!

Returns the dictionary containing all the text field values from a dismissed notification dialog.

func CFUserNotificationGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the type identifier for the CFUserNotification opaque type.

func CFUserNotificationPopUpSelection(CFIndex) -> CFOptionFlags

Returns a flag used to set the selected element of a pop-up menu.

func CFUserNotificationReceiveResponse(CFUserNotification!, CFTimeInterval, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFOptionFlags>!) -> Int32

Waits for the user to respond to a notification or for the notification to time out.

func CFUserNotificationSecureTextField(CFIndex) -> CFOptionFlags

Returns a flag used to set the secure state of a text field.

func CFUserNotificationUpdate(CFUserNotification!, CFTimeInterval, CFOptionFlags, CFDictionary!) -> Int32

Updates a displayed user notification dialog with new user interface information.