Updates a displayed user notification dialog with new user interface information.


func CFUserNotificationUpdate(_ userNotification: CFUserNotification!, _ timeout: CFTimeInterval, _ flags: CFOptionFlags, _ dictionary: CFDictionary!) -> Int32



The user notification to update.


The new timeout value for the dialog.


A set of flags describing the type of notification to display. See CFUserNotificationCreate(_:_:_:_:_:) for details.


A description of the elements to display in the notification dialog. The possible keys are listed in Dialog Description Keys.

Return Value

0 if the cancel was successful; a non-0 value otherwise.

See Also

CFUserNotification Miscellaneous Functions

func CFUserNotificationCheckBoxChecked(CFIndex) -> CFOptionFlags

Returns a flag used to set or test a checkbox’s state.

func CFUserNotificationGetResponseDictionary(CFUserNotification!) -> CFDictionary!

Returns the dictionary containing all the text field values from a dismissed notification dialog.

func CFUserNotificationGetResponseValue(CFUserNotification!, CFString!, CFIndex) -> CFString!

Extracts the values of the text fields from a dismissed notification dialog.

func CFUserNotificationGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the type identifier for the CFUserNotification opaque type.

func CFUserNotificationPopUpSelection(CFIndex) -> CFOptionFlags

Returns a flag used to set the selected element of a pop-up menu.

func CFUserNotificationReceiveResponse(CFUserNotification!, CFTimeInterval, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFOptionFlags>!) -> Int32

Waits for the user to respond to a notification or for the notification to time out.

func CFUserNotificationSecureTextField(CFIndex) -> CFOptionFlags

Returns a flag used to set the secure state of a text field.