Returns an array containing all of the bundles currently open in the application.


func CFBundleGetAllBundles() -> CFArray!

Return Value

A CFArray object containing CFBundle objects for each open bundle in the application. Ownership follows the The Get Rule.


This function is potentially expensive and not thread-safe. It’s best used for debugging or other diagnostics purposes rather than as part of the main execution path of production code.

See Also

Creating and Accessing Bundles

func CFBundleCreateBundlesFromDirectory(CFAllocator!, CFURL!, CFString!) -> CFArray!

Searches a directory and constructs an array of CFBundle objects from all valid bundles in the specified directory.

func CFBundleGetBundleWithIdentifier(CFString!) -> CFBundle!

Locate a bundle given its program-defined identifier.

func CFBundleGetMainBundle() -> CFBundle!

Returns an application’s main bundle.