Returns an array containing the localizations for a bundle or executable at a particular location.


func CFBundleCopyLocalizationsForURL(_ url: CFURL!) -> CFArray!



The location of a bundle’s localizations.

Return Value

An array containing the localizations available at url. Ownership follows the The Create Rule.


For a directory URL, this is equivalent to calling the CFBundleCopyBundleLocalizations(_:) function on the corresponding bundle. For a plain file URL representing an unbundled application, this will attempt to determine its localizations using the kCFBundleLocalizationsKey and kCFBundleDevelopmentRegionKey keys in the dictionary returned by CFBundleCopyInfoDictionaryForURL(_:), or a vers resource if those are not present.

See Also

Managing Localizations

func CFBundleCopyBundleLocalizations(CFBundle!) -> CFArray!

Returns an array containing a bundle’s localizations.

func CFBundleCopyLocalizationsForPreferences(CFArray!, CFArray!) -> CFArray!

Given an array of possible localizations and preferred locations, returns the one or more of them that CFBundle would use, without reference to the current application context.

func CFBundleCopyPreferredLocalizationsFromArray(CFArray!) -> CFArray!

Given an array of possible localizations, returns the one or more of them that CFBundle would use in the current application context.