Returns an application’s main bundle.


func CFBundleGetMainBundle() -> CFBundle!

Return Value

A CFBundle object representing the application’s main bundle, or NULL if it is not possible to create a bundle. Ownership follows the The Get Rule.


CFBundle creates a main bundle whenever it possibly can, even for unbundled apps. There are a few situations in which it is not possible, so you should check the return value against NULL, but this happens only in exceptional circumstances.

For an explanation of the main bundle, see Locating and Opening Bundles in Bundle Programming Guide.

See Also

Creating and Accessing Bundles

func CFBundleCreateBundlesFromDirectory(CFAllocator!, CFURL!, CFString!) -> CFArray!

Searches a directory and constructs an array of CFBundle objects from all valid bundles in the specified directory.

func CFBundleGetAllBundles() -> CFArray!

Returns an array containing all of the bundles currently open in the application.

func CFBundleGetBundleWithIdentifier(CFString!) -> CFBundle!

Locate a bundle given its program-defined identifier.