Returns a localized string from a bundle’s strings file.


CFStringRef CFBundleCopyLocalizedString(CFBundleRef bundle, CFStringRef key, CFStringRef value, CFStringRef tableName);



The bundle to examine.


The key for the localized string to retrieve. This key will be used to look up the localized string in the strings file. Typically the key is identical to the value of the localized string in the development language.


A default value to return if no value exists for key.


The name of the strings file to search. The name should not include the strings filename extension. The case of the string must match that of the file name, even on file systems (such as HFS+) that are not case sensitive with regards to file names

Return Value

A CFString object that contains the localized string. If no value exists for key, returns value unless value is NULL or an empty string, in which case key is returned instead. Ownership follows the The Create Rule.


This is the base function from which the other localized string macros are derived. In general you should not use this function because the genstrings development tool only recognizes the macro version of this call when generating strings files. See CFCopyLocalizedString for details on how to use these macros.

See Also

Managing Localizations


Returns an array containing a bundle’s localizations.


Given an array of possible localizations and preferred locations, returns the one or more of them that CFBundle would use, without reference to the current application context.


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Given an array of possible localizations, returns the one or more of them that CFBundle would use in the current application context.


Searches the default strings file Localizable.strings for the string associated with the specified key.


Searches the specified strings file for the string associated with the specified key.


Returns a localized version of the specified string.


Returns a localized version of a localization string.