Returns the error status of a stream.


func CFReadStreamGetError(_ stream: CFReadStream!) -> CFStreamError



The stream to examine.

Return Value

The error status of stream returned in a CFStreamError structure.

The error field is 0 if no error has occurred. If the error field is not 0, the domain field contains a code that identifies the domain in which the value of the error field should be interpreted.

See Also

Examining Stream Properties

func CFReadStreamGetBuffer(CFReadStream!, CFIndex, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFIndex>!) -> UnsafePointer<UInt8>!

Returns a pointer to a stream’s internal buffer of unread data, if possible.

func CFReadStreamCopyError(CFReadStream!) -> CFError!

Returns the error associated with a stream.

func CFReadStreamHasBytesAvailable(CFReadStream!) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a readable stream has data that can be read without blocking.