Reads data from a readable stream.


func CFReadStreamRead(_ stream: CFReadStream!, _ buffer: UnsafeMutablePointer<UInt8>!, _ bufferLength: CFIndex) -> CFIndex



The stream from which to read.


The buffer into which to place the data.


The size of buffer and the maximum number of bytes to read.

Return Value

The number of bytes read; 0 if the stream has reached its end; or -1 if either the stream is not open or an error occurs.


If stream is in the process of opening, this function waits until it has completed. This function blocks until at least one byte is available; it does not block until buffer is filled. To avoid blocking, call this function only if CFReadStreamHasBytesAvailable(_:) returns TRUE or after the stream’s client (set with CFReadStreamSetClient(_:_:_:_:)) is notified of a hasBytesAvailable event.

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