Returns the value of a property for a stream.


func CFWriteStreamCopyProperty(_ stream: CFWriteStream!, _ propertyName: CFStreamPropertyKey!) -> CFTypeRef!



The stream to examine.


The name of the stream property to obtain. The available properties for standard Core Foundation streams are listed in Stream Properties.

Return Value

The value of the property propertyName. Ownership follows the The Create Rule.


Each type of stream can define a set of properties that either describe or configure individual streams. A property can be any interesting information about a stream. Examples include the headers from an HTTP transmission, the expected number of bytes, file permission information, and so on. Use CFWriteStreamSetProperty(_:_:_:) to modify the value of a property, although some properties are read-only.

See Also

Examining Stream Properties

func CFWriteStreamCanAcceptBytes(CFWriteStream!) -> Bool

Returns whether a writable stream can accept new data without blocking.

func CFWriteStreamCopyError(CFWriteStream!) -> CFError!

Returns the error associated with a stream.