Forces a CFRunLoop object to stop running.


func CFRunLoopStop(_ rl: CFRunLoop!)



The run loop to stop.


This function forces rl to stop running and return control to the function that called CFRunLoopRun() or CFRunLoopRunInMode(_:_:_:) for the current run loop activation. If the run loop is nested with a callout from one activation starting another activation running, only the innermost activation is exited.

See Also

Starting and Stopping a Run Loop

func CFRunLoopRun()

Runs the current thread’s CFRunLoop object in its default mode indefinitely.

func CFRunLoopRunInMode(CFRunLoopMode!, CFTimeInterval, Bool) -> CFRunLoopRunResult

Runs the current thread’s CFRunLoop object in a particular mode.

func CFRunLoopWakeUp(CFRunLoop!)

Wakes a waiting CFRunLoop object.

func CFRunLoopIsWaiting(CFRunLoop!) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the run loop is waiting for an event.

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