Sets the value of attributes of a mutable attributed string over a specified range.


func CFAttributedStringSetAttributes(_ aStr: CFMutableAttributedString!, _ range: CFRange, _ replacement: CFDictionary!, _ clearOtherAttributes: Bool)



The mutable attributed string to modify.


The range of aStr over to which the new attributes apply. range must not exceed the bounds of aStr.


A dictionary that contains key-value pairs that specify the new attributes to apply to range. The keys must be CFString objects, and the corresponding values must be CFType objects.


If false, existing attributes (that aren’t being replaced) are left alone; otherwise they are cleared.


Note that after this call, if it is mutable, changes to replacement will not affect the contents of the attributed string.

See Also

Modifying a CFMutableAttributedString

func CFAttributedStringBeginEditing(CFMutableAttributedString!)

Defers internal consistency-checking and coalescing for a mutable attributed string.

func CFAttributedStringEndEditing(CFMutableAttributedString!)

Re-enables internal consistency-checking and coalescing for a mutable attributed string.

func CFAttributedStringGetMutableString(CFMutableAttributedString!) -> CFMutableString!

Gets as a mutable string the string for an attributed string.

func CFAttributedStringRemoveAttribute(CFMutableAttributedString!, CFRange, CFString!)

Removes the value of a single attribute over a specified range.

func CFAttributedStringReplaceAttributedString(CFMutableAttributedString!, CFRange, CFAttributedString!)

Replaces the attributed substring over a range with another attributed string.