Returns the integer value represented by a string.


func CFStringGetIntValue(_ str: CFString!) -> Int32



A string that represents a signed integer value. The only allowed characters are the ASCII digit characters (ASCII 0x30 - 0x39), the plus sign (ASCII 0x2B), the minus sign (ASCII 0x2D), and the period character (ASCII 0x2E).

Return Value

The signed integer value represented by str. The result is 0 if there is a scanning error (if the string contains disallowed characters or does not represent an integer value) or INT_MAX or INT_MIN if there is an overflow error.


Consider the following example:

SInt32 val = CFStringGetIntValue(CFSTR("-123"));

The variable val in this example would contain the value -123 after the function is called.

See Also

Getting Numeric Values

func CFStringGetDoubleValue(CFString!) -> Double

Returns the primary double value represented by a string.