Reports whether or not a given Unicode character is in a character set.


func CFCharacterSetIsCharacterMember(_ theSet: CFCharacterSet!, _ theChar: UniChar) -> Bool



The character set to examine.


The Unicode character for which to test against the character set. Note that this function takes 16-bit Unicode character value; hence, it does not support access to the non-BMP planes.

Return Value

true if theSet contains theChar, otherwise false.

See Also

Querying Character Sets

func CFCharacterSetCreateBitmapRepresentation(CFAllocator!, CFCharacterSet!) -> CFData!

Creates a new immutable data with the bitmap representation from the given character set.

func CFCharacterSetHasMemberInPlane(CFCharacterSet!, CFIndex) -> Bool

Reports whether or not a character set contains at least one member character in the specified plane.

func CFCharacterSetIsLongCharacterMember(CFCharacterSet!, UTF32Char) -> Bool

Reports whether or not a given UTF-32 character is in a character set.

func CFCharacterSetIsSupersetOfSet(CFCharacterSet!, CFCharacterSet!) -> Bool

Reports whether or not a character set is a superset of another set.

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