Prints the attributes of a string during debugging.


void CFShowStr(CFStringRef str);



The string whose attributes you want to print.


Use this function to learn about specific attributes of a CFString object during debugging. These attributes include the following:

  • Length (in Unicode characters)

  • Whether originally it was an 8-bit string and, if so, whether it was a C (HasNullByte) or Pascal (HasLengthByte) string

  • Whether it is a mutable or an immutable object

  • The allocator used to create it

  • The memory address of the character contents and whether those contents are in-line

The information provided by this function is for debugging purposes only. The values of any of these attributes might change between different releases and on different platforms. Note in particular that this function does not show the contents of the string. If you want to display the contents of the string, use CFShow.

Special Considerations

You can use CFShowStr in one of two general ways. If your debugger supports function calls (such as gdb does), call CFShowStr in the debugger:

(gdb) call (void) CFShowStr(string)
Length 11
IsEightBit 1
HasLengthByte 1
HasNullByte 1
InlineContents 1
Allocator SystemDefault
Mutable 0
Contents 0x4e7c0

You can also incorporate calls to CFShowStr in a test version of your code to print descriptions of CFString objects to the console.

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