Removes a CFRunLoopSource object from a run loop mode.


func CFRunLoopRemoveSource(_ rl: CFRunLoop!, _ source: CFRunLoopSource!, _ mode: CFRunLoopMode!)



The run loop to modify.


The run loop source to remove.


The run loop mode of rl from which to remove source. Use the constant commonModes to remove source from the set of objects monitored by all the common modes.


If source is a version 0 source, this function calls the cancel callback function specified in the context structure for source. See CFRunLoopSourceContext and CFRunLoopSourceContext1for more details.

If rl does not contain source in mode, this function does nothing.

See Also

Managing Sources

func CFRunLoopAddSource(CFRunLoop!, CFRunLoopSource!, CFRunLoopMode!)

Adds a CFRunLoopSource object to a run loop mode.

func CFRunLoopContainsSource(CFRunLoop!, CFRunLoopSource!, CFRunLoopMode!) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a run loop mode contains a particular CFRunLoopSource object.

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